Foresight AI combines decades of hands-on consulting experience in issues management and reputation risk with the latest in big data analytics and machine learning.

The outcome is a major step forward with the early detection of reputation damaging events hiding or just emerging in your organisation.

Get on the front foot. Understand your reputation risk now, right across your organisation. Seize the reputation initiative with Foresight AI.

Whether it is finding a needle in a haystack or those systemic issues that build up over time, Foresight AI looks at millions of data points seeking out reputation red flags.


See how key issues with customers and stakeholders rise and fall and the nature of those issues.


Witness how issues are being managed in one part of your organisation that may be unknown to executives or other parts of the organisation.


Look into issues unique to your organisation, to the matters that keep you awake at night when it comes to risks to your company’s reputation.

How it works

Foresight AI scans email data that has had direct identifiers removed with new reputation insight algorithms. Foresight AI learns the rhythm of your organisation and its issues. It trains itself to identify anomalies in your communications – red flags that represent reputation risks.

This is done with complete confidentiality – Foresight AI looks at data – it does not read communications. Privacy obligations have been fully considered.

Foresight AI is housed in a fully secure encrypted environment in Sydney, Australia. This dedicated cloud environment has been designed to international encryption and security standards which can be discussed with your technical teams.

There is always a need for a human touch. Once a reputation red flag has been identified or a reputation risk alert is received, we take a closer look at its features and recommend actions for you.

How Foresight AI identifies and tracks reputation risk

Machine generated topic modelling

Issue cycle analysis

Sentiment evaluation

Centrality assessment

Outlier analysis

Keyword analytics

Where Foresight AI can work for your organisation

  • An issues scan: see your sleeper issues right now
  • Change in strategy: check the reputation consequences that are on the horizon
  • Reputation damaging event: look for telltale signs and if resolution has been achieved
  • Acquisition or merger: conduct a due diligence for reputation risks or see how change was managed
  • A deeper dive: are you managing specific parts of your organisation well, for example customer relations, ESG, diversity?

Backing Foresight

Foresight AI is a service of Daymark. We are a team of reputation specialists who work with trusted brands to deliver strategic, results-oriented solutions to build and protect brand reputation.

We would be pleased to demonstrate the power of Foresight AI to you and your team. Send us an email or call today.